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The FEELMAKE Video Production Studio creates promo videos, commercials, 2D and 3D presentations, and high-quality corporate films.
The FEELMAKE Company has been working in the video services market since 2011. We have proven ourselves as reliable contractors on the production of videos and animated presentations who perform high-quality work on time. The best proof was when FEELMAKE won a victory in 2016 over serious competition from teams from Russia, Europe and the United States on the tender of the French national television, "France Télévisions."
We have a skilled team of filmmakers which has wide practical experience working on television and film production.

Our advantages:

- high-quality and professional equipment;
- translations and voice-over into all languages;
- large selection of shooting locations;
- departure to any country;
- professional actors;
- huge portfolio.

Among our clients:

- large financial groups;
- pharmaceutical companies;
- media projects;
- agro-industrial holdings;
- carmakers
- IT companies;
- developers of video games;
- educational projects;
- builders and real estate agencies;
- shipbuilding companies and representatives of many other industries.


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Our Team

Our Team
Alexey Cherniavskyi


Maria Soroka

Line Producer

Vytalyi Kryzhanovskyi


Alexander Belov

Art Director

Alexander Korzhevoi

Marketing Director

What ClientSay ?

What Client Say

“Guys, thanks for the video! All done great and on time! Especially we want to thank and creative screenwriting departments for the creation of ideas. Verbal roller on top. Keep it up!”

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